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“Maintenance Required” Light Remedy

Hello fellow drivers!

I drive a 2003 Honda civic LX and just learned a nifty little trick that could save you a small sum of money referring to the “maintenance required” light on the dashboard. So instead of paying 30 dollars to someone, fill your gas tank!!

My tip for today can help you get rid of the “maint reqd” light that can appear on the dash for sometimes what seems to be no apparent reason. This light should never just be ignored, but it is a different light than the “check engine” light. The “check engine” light means there might be a serious repair in order. The “maint reqd” light typically refers to “hey it’s time for a tune up driver!” I, however, noticed mine went on shortly after I got my 90,000 mile tune up at Honda. They wanted 30 dollars to have it turned off, but a friend of mine taught me this little trick:

  • While the key is in the on position, push the little mileage lever that comes out of the dash right next to where the car’s mileage is displayed below the speedometer.
  • Push the lever until “trip a” is displayed. Clear this field so that it reads 0 (miles)
  • Repeat step 2 but for “trip b”
  • Once both trips are zeroed out return to the main mileage display (the normal view that just shows the cars mileage). Turn the key to the off position.
  • hold in that same lever and turn the key back to the on position (make sure to hold the lever down the entire time). After 30 seconds your “mant reqd” light should be gone!! 😉

*Please note: make sure the light is not on for a serious reason before executing this little trick. If you are uncertain, you may want to play it safe. If you are uncertain why your maintenance required light might be on, we have a network of honest, reliable mechanics. Thanks everybody!!

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