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How to Save Money on Gas for Your Car or Truck

Saving Money on Gas for Your Vehicle:

Easy Ways to Use Less Gas

While there’s no doubt the summer heat is getting to me, it’s not as bad as the high gas prices. As a fan of road trip vacationing, the spike in gas prices is especially hard on my pocket book and while the temperatures will start to dip soon, high gas prices may be here to stay. With this in mind I set out to find ways to save on gas. Thought I’d share some of the best tips.

Bum a Ride-or probably more preferable to your friends, carpool. This one doesn’t really require explanation: if you’re driving less you’re using less gas. It’s better for your pocket book and the environment.

Put Your Car on a Diet. Remember the snow blower and tools you borrowed from a friend and than put in your trunk with the good intention of returning…three months ago. Return them already because the added weight is causing your car engine to work harder and use more gas. Also if your car has a bike or luggage rack you’re not using, take it down. Anything that makes your car less aerodynamic means it will use more gas.

Plan Ahead. If you’re running errands for the day, do them in an order that ensures no backtracking. Try to start with the furthest errand first as this allows your engine to warm up and use fuel more efficiently.

Treat Your Car Like a Baby. This includes using proper fuel, (check your car manual to see what the manufacturer recommends), and regular oil changes and check ups at the mechanic. If you’re in need, talk to a qualified mechanic now. Dirty oil means more friction in the engine and less mpg. Regular tune-ups ensure your engine is not working harder than necessary and other problems like a bad oxygen sensor, for example, can significantly decrease your mpg. Fixing these problems will save money in the long run.

Don’t Be an Airhead. Keep your tires properly inflated as low air pressure creates more friction between tire and road, increasing gas used.

Idle Hands Make Idle Minds and idle cars use more gas. Idling while talking to your neighbor at the mailbox actually uses more gas than turning off the car and restarting it, so next time pull over, park, and turn the engine off.

Sweat It Out. Whenever possible drive without the a/c as this requires the engine to use more gas. At high speeds, however, it may be better to use the a/c than drive with the widows open due to the drag increase this causes. When you do use the a/c try to keep it on the setting recommended by the manufacturer.

Life’s not a race, so slow down. All cars have a different speed where optimum fuel economy is achieved, but at speeds higher than 60 m/hr there is a significant drop in fuel efficiency.

Take the Road less Traveled or at least the one with less traffic and stops. This means avoiding city driving and heavy traffic whenever possible. Braking in traffic means that eventually you’ll have to accelerate, using a significant amount of gas.

Don’t Drive Like a Jack…rabbit. Fast stops and starts use more fuel. If you see a red light ahead, don’t accelerate up to it, coast and brake when necessary. This also means avoid tailgating. Gently accelerate and keep a safe distant from the car in front of you. You’ll be safer and save money.

These tips will help you save some money on gas so that when the open road calls you don’t have to think twice. Happy Driving from!

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