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Tips to Avoid Auto Theft

Avoid Having Your Vehicle Stolen

Car Theft Prevention

We’ve all heard of grand theft auto, or at least the video game. The stark reality though is plain and simple motor vehicle theft. And it could happen to you. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself from car theft. Follow these tips to avoid the hassle and heartbreak of losing your car.

Lock the Car

Seems obvious but many people don’t and some even argue that if a thief really wants the car he/she will take it either way. While this might be true, thieves will often check a parking lot for unlocked cars and target these.

Don’t Leave the Keys in the Car

This practically screams easy target. When you exit the car your keys go with you.

Don’t Hide a Spare in the Car

Most car thieves are experts and know where to look for your seemingly clever hiding place.

Car Alarms May Help

It’s debatable whether or not this will stop a thief but it may deter him/her from choosing your car as a target. In terms of theft prevention it won’t hurt, and it may allow an onlooker to identify the criminal.

Don’t Leave the Car Running Unattended

You may have done it a hundred times before, but in doing so you’re increasing your risk of auto theft. This includes warming a car up in the winter or making a quick stop in the store with it still running. Thieves may see this as an easy score.

Pick Your Parking Spot Carefully

The safest place to park is your garage. If you don’t have one then park in the driveway or as close to light as possible if you park in an apartment lot. When away from home, always go for a gated lot or garage with an attendant. Street parking and open lots have the highest rates of auto theft.

Change Your Locks

If you have T-shaped locks and are worried about car theft have your mechanic change them to straight locks for more security.

Don’t Leave Valuables in the Car

If you must carry valuables hide them from plain sight. You don’t want to make a thief interested in your car.

Buy the Right Model

Certain car models have a much higher rate of theft than others. If you’re in the market for a new or used car ask police stations in your city and neighboring ones for a list of most frequently stolen models and steer clear of these.

Don’t Leave Personal Identification in the Car

This includes driver’s license, registration, and credit cards. Carry them on your person.

Use the Parking Brake

This makes your car harder for a thief to tow away.

Etch Your VIN into the Window

This makes your car easier to track and harder to sell the parts. A major turn off for car thieves.

In the event your car is stolen contact the police immediately.  Then contact your insurance company and follow their instructions. Hopefully, though, by following these tips you won’t have to worry.  Safe Driving!

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