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10 Ways to Impress Your Date This Valentine’s Day

Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Want to impress someone special this Valentine’s Day?  Great, but let’s be real.  It’s time to think outside the chocolate box. You’ll want a place both cozy and intimate to create a memorable date.  Well, look no further than your car.  I mean, really, who hasn’t shared a special smooch in the car?  With the perfect environment just add a little creativity tailored to your date and you’re set.  Just don’t forget to give your car a good cleaning and have your mechanic check for any vehicle problems before the big day.

For the Free Spirit – Don’t bog down your date with a lot of plans, it’s against his/her nature.  Grabs some CD’s or better yet make your own mix.  Fill up the gas tank and drive.  Just you, your date, and the open road.  Now that’s romance.

For the Nostalgic – If your date is fascinated by everything retro, a drive-in movie is the perfect atmosphere to cuddle.  Search the Internet for one nearby.  If you can’t find one or want to grab a bite after the flick a drive-in diner will hit the spot.

For the Tough Cookie – Let’s face it, not everyone likes romance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your special someone some love.  Keep it simple by surprising your sweetie with a car wash or by filling up the gas tank.  Just be sure you know the person well enough so he/she doesn’t think you’re stealing the car.  Even V Day haters don’t want to bail you out of jail.

For the High Class – If your date has expensive taste, impress him/her without breaking the bank by renting a luxury car for the day.  Driving around in style will make the date extra special, even if you end up at Burger King.

For the Romantic – No gesture will go unnoticed by this date.  So pack a picnic of his/her favorite foods, dress in your best, and drive to a scenic spot.  Then hop in the back for an intimate dinner with a beautiful view.

For the Thrill Seeker – Unless this person’s heart rate is elevated, he/she probably isn’t impressed.  That might seem like a lot of pressure, but, don’t worry, there’s an easy solution.  Take your date race car driving!  The two of you can be passengers or with the correct training take the lead.

For the Big-Hearted – If your Valentine has a heart of gold, show that you care by volunteering together.  Together, you can drive senior citizens on errands or sign up in your community to be a designated driver.  You’ll get to know each other on a whole new level and your date’s sure to be impressed by your effort.

For the Mover and Shaker – If your date is a mover and shaker, or you are, chances are there’s not a lot of time to waste, or for dinner.  So get up early and drive your date to work and pick up him/her.  Your thought will show and the two of you will be allowed a little extra alone time.

For the DIYer – Do it yourselfer’s don’t want to sit around making idle chatter, so work on a project together.  Teach your date how to change his/her oil or let your date teach you how to change a tire. If you’re both car repair newbies, pick up an instructions manual and learn together. It will make for a date neither of you will forget.

For the Car Lover – Do some research and find a car show or historical automobile museum nearby.  Even if you’re a little bored, your dates’ excitement is sure to be worth it and who know what you’ll learn.  Safe and Cozy Driving!

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