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Head Gasket Information, Problems, and Solutions

Categories: Car Parts and Featured.

Head Gaskets are vital parts of an engine. Any potential problems should be corrected quickly, as they could cause serious issues and added expenses if ignored. We've put together this post for...

Check Engine Light

Categories: Car Parts and Featured.

At some time or another many of us will have our check engine light (CEL) illuminate on the dash board. This indication is a somewhat common occurrence with many vehicles and more commonly than not,...

Drive train

Categories: Car Parts.

In any motor vehicle (whether automobile, water craft, off road vehicle or airplane), the drive train refers to the components that generate and transfer energy from a crude stored state into kinetic...

Timing Belt

Categories: Car Parts.

The Timing belt, also known as the cam belt, is the belt that keeps an engine synchronized and running. The timing belt is a toothed belt that is a part of an elaborate pulley system that connects...

Water Pumps

Categories: Car Parts.

The water pump, or coolant pump, is a rather simplistic yet imperative part of a cars motor. The water pump essentially pushes the coolant or anti-freeze (a mixture of water and ethylene) through...

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