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About Driving and Auto Repair in San Diego:

Yes, it’s true: San Diego, CA boasts one of the world’s best climates. Lots of sunshine, little rain. It really does have the weather of paradise many days of the year. 82 and sunny – check. However, many from out of state don’t realize that San Diego actually has several “micro-climates” that makeup the overall weather situation in the county. It’s the very things that make this metropolis unique that cause this phenomenon. A combination of oceans, bays, mountains, valleys, and desert conditions result in a variety of weather patterns and conditions that can result in drastically different weather, and therefore in varying driving conditions, within a relatively small area of land.

So what does all this mean for driving in San Diego?

First, as is probably obvious by now, be aware that driving conditions can change very quickly. One minute, you might be traveling from La Mesa to the beaches and enjoying warm temperatures, sunny skies, and calm wind, and all of a sudden find yourself in gloomy, overcast skies when entering Pacific Beach. Or, you might be enjoying temperate conditions on the way to Pine Valley, only to be met with, if only outsiders could believe it, snow! If you're not careful, you could end up needing costly auto repairs from a professional mechanic.

Another thing to watch out for is slick or slippery roads. Often, because it rains so infrequently, when rain does fall it can create a mixture of oil, dirt, and other chemicals combined with the rainwater, leading to dangerous driving conditions and causing accidents, costing residents millions in automotive repairs per year. Roads and highways will be affected most in the first 30 minutes of rainfall – after that much of the slippery mixture has been washed away, and your tires will grip the road a little better. A good rule of thumb, however, is that when it rains or when in doubt slow down, put your lights on, keep extra distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, and pay extra attention to your surroundings. Put down the cell phone, the double-double from In-and-Out Burger, makeup, and any other distracting things and focus on the road.

Finally, be very careful when driving in San Diego at night, especially in areas where there is a lot of nightlife. Where there is nightlife there is alcohol, and where there is alcohol there are drunk drivers. There is nothing more dangerous on the road than a heavily intoxicated driver speeding down the road, so PAY ATTENTION! Every year, more than 15,000 people are killed in alcohol-related accidents. San Diego is a particularly bad city when it comes to drunk driving. In fact, San Diego has a higher percentage of drivers with alcohol-related convictions that any major city in the United States, so be aware at the wheel and keep an eye out for any trouble. You don't want to end up at the auto garage talking to a mechanic, or worse, at the hospital talking to a doctor.

In any case, San Diego is a wonderful place to live and visit. Its natural beauty and variety of activities make it an extremely attractive city. Like any big city, though, you’ve got to be careful getting around. Don’t underestimate a light rain or a change in the environment around you – as discussed above, driving conditions in San Diego can become dangerous quickly. Stay smart and focused though, and you will love this city, whether you live here or are just visiting – even the scenery from the highway is spectacular! Good luck, and happy driving, from