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Car Accidents – What to Do

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What to Do After a Car Accident Everyone tries to avoid them, but odds are you will be in a car accident either as passenger or driver at least once in your lifetime. Hopefully it’s just a minor...

Buying a Used Car – Tips and Advice

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Tips for Buying a Used Car Buying a car is a big and expensive decision.  With the shaky economy more people are buying used.  It’s a great way to save money, and if you shop smartly you can...

Winter Driving Advice – How to Stay Safe

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Driving Through the Snow-Tips for Safe Winter Driving You’re finally done with work, two hours later than you planned, and you can’t wait to get home.   Turning out of the parking lot you...

Road Trip Ideas for the Winter

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Awesome Winter Road Trips Winter gets a bad rap - it can be cold and dreary.  Summer vacations start to feel like eons ago.  But why should summer have all the fun? There are plenty of cold...

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

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Getting Your Car Ready For Winter Winter’s just around the corner and lots of animals are stuffing their faces and getting ready to hunker down until spring.  Some animals have all the luck (this...

Tire Safety and Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance, Cost Savings Tips, Driving Safety 1 Comment

Tires: Trusty Allies or Killers on the Loose? I love my car but often don’t give much thought to the individual parts, like tires, unless something is wrong. Recently though I watched the spoofy...

What to do if Your Car or Truck Breaks Down

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I'm on the road and my car's dying - now what! A car that won’t go is such a sad sight. Greatness reduced to a spewing or silent hunk of metal. Sometimes, though, the breakdown itself can be...

Oil Change Scams

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How to Avoid Oil Change Rip Offs Yesterday I got my oil changed at a quickie oil change joint because I needed one and had a coupon guaranteeing it wouldn’t cost over thirty bucks. Somehow though,...

How to Save Money on Gas for Your Car or Truck

Car Maintenance, Cost Savings Tips 1 Comment

Saving Money on Gas for Your Vehicle: Easy Ways to Use Less Gas While there’s no doubt the summer heat is getting to me, it’s not as bad as the high gas prices. As a fan of road trip...

Auto Repair and Maintenance – Air Conditioning Recharge

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Auto Repair and Maintenance Advice: Air Conditioning Recharge This past May, on an uncharacteristically warm spring day, I pressed on the a/c button in my car but nothing much happened. Air was...

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