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Car and Truck Air Conditioning Advice

Car Maintenance, Vehicle Systems 1 Comment

Auto Repair and Maintenance Advice: Air Conditioning Overview How It Works: While it may seem the car air conditioning system is creating cold air, it actually works by removing heat. The car a/c...

How to Change a Tire Yourself

Car Maintenance No Comments

Few things are as inconvenient as a flat tire, especially because they always happen when you’re late for work or have the day off. Since a flat tire is inevitable at some point, I figured it’d...

Why You Should Care About Your Radiator

Car Maintenance, Driving Safety No Comments

The Radiator is an important piece of the car’s coolant system, and it functions to help keep the car from overheating.  We have all seen the image of a car pulled off to the side of the road with...

Your Car Exhaust System Explained

Vehicle Systems 1 Comment

From the staff at, below is a comprehensive look at the exhaust system of a vehicle. As always, your comments are welcomed. Enjoy! What It Does: In order for a car to run,...

Advice for Driving During a Tornado

Driving in Storms, Driving Safety No Comments

The tragedy resulting from the recent tornado activity in the Midwestern United States, affecting 7 states and hitting hardest in Tuscaloosa, AL, has reminded us of the incredible power of nature and...

Oil Changes…Do I Really Have to?

Car Maintenance 1 Comment

After a long week at work there’s nothing I like better than to hit the open road and get away. This weekend was no exception. Windows down despite the cold, some good tunes turned up. Take me...

My Car Won’t Start

Car Maintenance No Comments

So you’re already running late, and now your car won’t start. Well, most people have had problems with their cars not starting. That is why I want to give you some helpful hints to help diagnose...

“Maintenance Required” Light Remedy

Car Maintenance No Comments

Hello fellow drivers! I drive a 2003 Honda civic LX and just learned a nifty little trick that could save you a small sum of money referring to the “maintenance required” light on the dashboard. ...

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