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Driving Safety

Car Safety Tips for Kids

Driving Safety, Kids No Comments

Keep Your Children Safe on the Road - Vehicle Safety For Kids We all want to be safe drivers, especially when our kids are with us.  Sadly, however, the leading cause of death among children is...

Safe Driving Tips for New (and All) Drivers

Driving Safety No Comments

Staying Safe on the Road Turning sixteen - every teen's dream and every parent’s nightmare.  The day teenagers can hit the road on their own.  Parents have a valid concern, as accidents are the...

Tips to Avoid Auto Theft

Driving Safety, Vehicle Theft No Comments

Avoid Having Your Vehicle Stolen Car Theft Prevention We’ve all heard of grand theft auto, or at least the video game. The stark reality though is plain and simple motor vehicle theft. And it...

Winter Driving Advice – How to Stay Safe

Driving in Storms, Driving Safety, Winter Driving No Comments

Driving Through the Snow-Tips for Safe Winter Driving You’re finally done with work, two hours later than you planned, and you can’t wait to get home.   Turning out of the parking lot you...

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

Car Maintenance, Driving Safety, Winter Driving No Comments

Getting Your Car Ready For Winter Winter’s just around the corner and lots of animals are stuffing their faces and getting ready to hunker down until spring.  Some animals have all the luck (this...

Tire Safety and Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance, Cost Savings Tips, Driving Safety 1 Comment

Tires: Trusty Allies or Killers on the Loose? I love my car but often don’t give much thought to the individual parts, like tires, unless something is wrong. Recently though I watched the spoofy...

What to do if Your Car or Truck Breaks Down

Breakdowns, Driving Safety No Comments

I'm on the road and my car's dying - now what! A car that won’t go is such a sad sight. Greatness reduced to a spewing or silent hunk of metal. Sometimes, though, the breakdown itself can be...

Why You Should Care About Your Radiator

Car Maintenance, Driving Safety No Comments

The Radiator is an important piece of the car’s coolant system, and it functions to help keep the car from overheating.  We have all seen the image of a car pulled off to the side of the road with...

Advice for Driving During a Tornado

Driving in Storms, Driving Safety No Comments

The tragedy resulting from the recent tornado activity in the Midwestern United States, affecting 7 states and hitting hardest in Tuscaloosa, AL, has reminded us of the incredible power of nature and...

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